Pet birds

PHP 500/pair

The Lovebird is a six inch bird and is noted for it’s seemingly sociable nature. The Masked Lovebird lives in the light  brushwood of Tanzania’s seasonally arid savannas and feeds  on various seeds and green stuff. It forms small nesting-colonies, mostly in knot-holes and cracks of the boabab tree. It lays three to six eggs and incubates for twenty-three days.

Food: Grains, foxtail-millet, seeds, and green stuff.

Php 1,000

Finches are one of the more popular pet birds.

Exotic Zebra Finches, Poephila guttata, are small birds (averaging 9cm) and are native to the the Australian grasslands.

Another major attraction of the zebra finch is the soft chirping sound it makes. Many individuals find the sweet sound of the zebra finch to be soothing and pleasant, in stark contrast to many other varieties of loud squawking birds. The male is also generally the more vocal of the sexes.

Zebra finches are extremely social birds; however, only social with other birds. Typically, zebra finches are shy around people and do not like to be petted or held.

The Zebra Finch’s primary food is seed. Millet is the principal seed in any finch formula. Properly balanced seed formulas are readily available at pet shops. Zebra finches love millet sprays. Zebra finches also need a diet supplemented with certain greens, vegetables and fruits.

Finches eat high seed diet that is high in fat and not as nutritious as other diets. They are harder to increase protein levels than some other species. A vitamin supplement in the water is recommended. The brand name Vivi 13 doesn’t change the taste. having plenty of food available at all times is crucial as well.

Php 5,000

This eight to eight and a half inch Mynah has, like the Indian house Mynah, become thoroughly domesticated. Everywhere in it’s native territory it can be seen searching for insects and left-over food.

The Bank Mynah makes its nests in holes it excavates by the banks of rivers or under bridges. It is native to India and southern Asia.

Food: The same as the Talking Mynah. It feeds it’s young with living food. Pet stores have packaged soft food, meal-worms, raw meat, and fruit.

It’s habits are not very tidy.

php 10,000

A bird with musical charm is the Peking Nightingale or Japanese Robin (Leiothrix lutea). His song is the richest and warmest full-throated warble of any of the commonly imported softbills. It has much of the quality with which an American robin greets the sun on an April morning after an all-night rain. The Pekings must come from a long line of sun worshippers, because as soon as the first streak of dawn appears, they begin their serenades.

The Peking is a lovely bird to see, as well as hear. Although the basic color is olive, one is so impressed with the face and the breast that he is inclined to describe the bird as yellow or orange. The wings have red, yellow, and orange feathers, also. The beak is peculiarly shaped; it is long and narrow and cherry red.

Pekings are a fast bird. They seem to change positions without moving. His speed is fantastic.

The Peking mixes welll with other birds. Feeding is simple. They consume a lot of fruit and mealworms, plus and insectivorous mixture. They live long and well on such a diet. They are about seven inches long.

php 9,500

The African Grey Parrot is a member of the square-tailed parrot group and fourteen to sixteen inches long. It comes in three sub-species and lives in western and central Africa’s rain forests and man-grove woods.  The African Grey Parrot lives in couples during the breeding season; at other times in large, noisy flocks. As a nesting place, it prefers a tree hole as high in the tree as possible. It lays four or five eggs.

Food: Seeds and corn, swelled grain, young plant shoots, nuts, and a lot of fruits.


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